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Hmm…it seems there was a customs issue with my miniatures…maybe they thought I was going to smoke them or something…

Well, should be a week or so that I get to unveil the daunting amount of models that I have bought. In the meantime, I am just sorting out my workstation. I really need some tools. You see, I have never been an avid modeller/painter, this is mainly due to the fact that when I was playing this game, my income wasn’t that great and I couldn’t really afford to buy models freely…but when I could finally afford to, I didn’t really have people to play with, and so I lost the inspiration. Couple that with the fact that I have the attention span of a fish (you should SEE how many armies I have started) it was hard for me to convince myself to invest money into something I knew I wasn’t going to finish because I would get distracted by the next shiny thing that comes along.

But I love Necromunda, you see, and since it came out, I wanted the collection of models. Now…the realization of my dream is at hand! The only problem is…I cant in good conscience, let these models be defaced with a half assed paintjobs, that are bereft of highlights or eyes. I feel like I owe it to the sculptors to finish the job they started. These models require magazine worthy paintjobs! But I dont know how to paint good…well, I can paint good if you are blind in one eye, with cataracts in the other while standing 3 ft back…

To give these models a chance of looking good, I will need to clean them up. This requires the tools I was talking about. Specifically: a good hobby knife, a file set, a pin vice, good set of snips and a helping hand. I am sure I can find these on eBay for a reasonable price, and I am setting myself a budget of $100 dollars. I want to make sure the models are flash and mould line free before I prime them. This will be the first step in Project Necromunda…and, so I am told, is one of the most important steps in the whole process! So I guess spending a few more bucks on tools to make my fortune of pewter look good, is a wise investment.

Well…I am off to trawl eBay. I know it isn’t Necromunda related, but check this out.

In the grim darkness of the future, there is only war(gaming)…


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