Ok, so about two weeks ago, I spent a whole heap of money on a bunch of 1st edition Necromunda figures off eBay. This was in an effort to fulfill my fanboy dream of owning, painting and ultimately, using the entire 1st edition Necromunda collection. Check the link

…I am waiting for them to arrive…the tension is palpable…

Now even with my hefty purchases, I will still be missing a small part of the collection, but what I DO have will keep me busy for a while. The only items I need to check off the list are: all the pit slaves, all the spyrers, all the zombies and scavvies, and 4 special characters: Mad Donna Ulanti, Brakar, Bonnie Annerson and Karlth Valios…I am ALSO chasing a King Redwart miniature (I know he isn’t part of the 1st ed minis, but if you want to off load one, my email is here…just putting it out there…serious)

The King (painted by JRN)

The idea is this: I get the miniatures, I paint the miniatures, and I take photos of the miniatures & upload them here, for your viewing pleasure. Hopefully some of my enthusiasm for this fantastic game, will inspire you to seek out adventure in the dangerous Underhive, where you can carve out an empire in the Badzones, or just carve out someones kidneys to sell to your Friendly Doc…



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